Total Joint Classes

Pre-Surgery Education for Hip & Knee Replacement

The prospect of joint replacement surgery can be nerve-wracking for patients and their family, so both Beacon Bone & Joint and OSMC have a “Total Joint” class to educate the patient and their at-home-caregiver.

The physicians who operate at The Surgery Centers believe that a vital component of your recovery is the preparation before it. The patient and their post-operative helper will find that classes, videos and/or booklets will help answer their questions and calm the common pre-surgery jitters and anxiety. As the saying goes, “knowledge is power.”

“A vital component of your total joint replacement recovery is the preparation before it.”

– A great quote from the physicians at the Surgery Centers

The information in the classes and materials can help you have a realistic expectation of your surgery and recovery times. If you need any equipment to help you, you’ll see it and learn about it ahead of time. Exercises and physical therapy will be explained, as well.

The content of preoperative education can vary a bit by the physicians’ groups who work at The Surgery Centers. Typical education material contains information related to pre-surgical processes, the actual steps in the surgical procedure, discharge, postoperative care, potential surgical and non-surgical complications, answers to your frequently asked questions, instructions for postoperative pain management, and important contact numbers in case you need any support. 

Depending on the physicians’ group you visit, Beacon or OSMC, a nurse surgery scheduler or a nurse navigator will set you up with all the appointments you need prior to surgery, along with a Total Joint Class day and time.

OSMC Total Joint learning materials:

View the OSMC Total Joint Class Video via YouTube

View the OSMC Total Joint Physical Therapy Video via YouTube

PATIENT TO-DO: Sign Off Form – when you and your support system have completed viewing the videos, please fill out this encrypted, private form. It will be sent to your OSMC Nurse Surgery Scheduler. Thank you.

The TOTAL JOINT CLASS can help relieve a lot of unknowns for patients and their loved ones. “The more informed you are about the procedure and the things that need to occur after it, the better your recovery process is likely to be,” notes Dr. Craig Erekson, OSMC.