Disclosures for Patients

Needed disclosures will be presented to you.

Notice of Privacy Practices – ASC Surgical Ventures outpatient surgery centers

Patient Rights for Outpatients – English

Patient Rights for Outpatients – Spanish

Patient Responsibilities

To Report a Grievance

Notice of Non-Discrimination – English

Notice of Non-Discrimination – Multiple Languages

Your Rights and Protections Against Surprise Medical Bills

Good Faith Estimate – No Surprises

Good Faith Estimate – Patients with In-Network Insurance Plans

Notice of Possible Three Medical Bills at Surgery Centers

ASC Surgical Ventures Ownership Notice

Patient HIPAA

Advance Directives – See below

OSMC’s Machine Readable Files (MRF’s) – The link above leads to machine readable files specifically for researchers, regulators and other vendors who analyze data.

Advance Directives

Definition of Advance Directive – A general term that describes two kinds of legal documents, living wills and medical powers of attorney. These documents allow a person to give instructions about future medical care should he or she be unable to participate in medical decisions due to serious illness or incapacity. Each state regulates the use of advance directives differently.

In the event a patient appears at the surgery center with an advanced directive or living will, the medical director or the ASC director will be notified.

 ASC Surgical Ventures, Inc., The Surgery Center of Granger and OSMC Outpatient Surgery Center in Elkhart will not follow your Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order or other advanced directives while you are a patient here. You will be treated if a complication occurs. ASC Surgical Ventures, Inc. will respect your choice of a person to receive information and make decisions for you if you cannot.

Be sure to bring your insurance cards to the surgery registration desk on your surgery day.